Issue Date Effective September 12th,  2019

Santa Clarita Soccer Center (SCSC) will follow the Official Rules of Indoor Soccer published by The United States Indoor Soccer Association except where SCSC has modified those rules to better serve SCSC leagues.  Modification and highlights of the USISA rules follow.

LAW I – Number of Players & Substitutions

On the large field the game is played with 6 players per team including the goalkeeper except for youth leagues.  Youth teams vary based on number of players in attendance and balancing of games.  Penalties are delayed if it would reduce a team below 4 players.  Both teams must be ready at scheduled start time.  The clock will start on time.  The minimum number of players to start a game is four.  When the fourth player is present the game must start.  If a team cannot fill the minimum within five minutes of the start of the clock, that team shall receive a forfeit.

On the small field the game is played either 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 depending on leagues.  No goalkeeper is allowed on small field and you are not allowed to play in the crease around the goal.

Teams participating in all leagues with the exception of Men’s Premier, will be allowed to add up to two additional players, the first player will be added if they fall behind by 3 goals and the second anytime they are behind by 5 or more goals.  At no time will a team have more than 7 field players and a goalie on the field.  At no time in the Men’s Premier league will players be added.  Players are added and deleted by the losing team in accordance with the score. CO-ED may add a male or female.

The following is the max that any one player can score in a game:

Women and Co-Ed will have a 3 goal maximum
Men’s Leagues will have a 5 goal maximum
Men’s Premier does not have a maximum goal rule, Premier players are not limited on goals scored

An intentional shot on goal which is determined by the referee after the maximum goal is scored will result in a blue card.


Teams may have a maximum of three males on the field, except when the team is playing with additional players because of goal differential.  The players who commit the foul unless the goalkeeper commits the foul must serve penalties.  A field player may not switch to goalkeeper to avoid serving the penalty.  If the goalkeeper is a male, a male must serve the penalty.  Any one player may only score a maximum of three goals per game.  Goals scored by women will count for two points.


Youth players can play in an older age group but cannot play down.  To play in U/12 you must not reached the age of 12 when the season starts.  U/16 is for 12-15 year olds.  U/12 is for 10-11 year olds.  U/10 is for 8-9 year olds. U/8 is for 6-7 year olds. U/6 is for 4-5 year olds.


“Open” leagues are open to all ages 15 or over.  (Ages 13-15 allowed with parents’ consent and approval of all league coaches/Managers).  To register in an age-defined league the player must meet the age requirement within the calendar year of the start of the season.  Example: 0/30 a player must be 30 years old or older within the calendar year of that season.

Men’s O/30, Co-Ed O/30 and Women’s Upper O/30 leagues: Allow teams a maximum of 2 players between the age of 24 and 29 on the roster.

Monday Women’s O/30 Lower League: Allows teams a maximum of 1 player between 24 and 29 on the roster.

Wednesday Women’s O/35 League: Allows teams a maximum of 3 players between 30 and 34 on the roster.

Men’s O/40 League: Allows teams a maximum of 2 players between the age of 34 and 39 on the roster.

Women’s O/40 League: Allows teams a maximum of 2 players between the age of 34 and 39 on the roster. (Beginning April 2019)


In our attempt to balance out all leagues an “A” list is maintained in the office.  The rules for “A” players in the Women’s O/30 are as follows:

Women’s Over 30 Upper Division (Monday)          Four allowed on roster
Women’s Over 30 Lower Division (Monday)         One allowed on roster
Women’s Over 35 (Thursday)                                   Three allowed on roster
Women’s Over 35 (Wednesday)                              Two allowed on roster


The restart of play shall be delayed to allow the completion for the following situations:  After a goal has been scored.  After a time penalty has been awarded.  During any time out (injury, team or referee.)  At any unusual stoppage acknowledged by the referee.  Prior to the start of each period.

Both teams may substitute at their own risk before goal clearance, drop balls, kick-ins and after goals.  The restart of play shall not be held up for the completion of these substitutions.  Teams may substitute on the fly at all other times during the game.

LAW II – Player Equipment

If opposing teams are wearing similar uniforms then the home team will be required to wear overlays.  Overlays will be supplied by SCSC.  For Adult Leagues, shin guards are highly recommended and must be completely covered by socks. For Youth Leagues, shin guards are REQUIRED for all players. Socks must be worn over shin guards and be pulled up to completely cover the shin guards. No glasses are allowed and if needed are to be worn under safety goggles.  Prescription safety goggles are permissible.  Flat-soled shoes or turf shoes (or any soccer shoes with traction except cleats) are recommended.  Cleats are not permitted on the field.  Players may not wear rings (except wedding bands), watches, earrings or hard hairpieces. Players will not be allowed to play with a hard cast (even if it is wrapped).

LAW III – Duration of the Game

LAW III – Duration of the Game:

Two halves of 22 1/2 minutes each with one 1-minute half-time interval.  Each team is allowed one 30 second time-out per half.  The referee will stop the clock when a team calls time-out.  The referee is the only one who can have the clock stopped.  A time-out can be called by the goalkeeper (with the ball at his/her feet or hands), a field player when the ball is out of play, any player on the bench in a dead ball situation, and any player when the ball is in team’s possession.   All games will be played with a “running clock”.

LAW IV – Three Line Violation

A player is guilty of three line violations when he passes or last touches the ball across three lines (the two white lines and the center line) in the air toward his opponent’s goal line without the ball touching another player or the perimeter wall.  The opponents receive a free kick at the first white line that the ball crossed.

LAW V – Free Kicks

All free kicks are direct (including the kickoff).  A team has five seconds to take a free kick.  The defending team is required to be 5 yards or more away from the ball.  Quick restarts are allowed.  No whistle is required on free kicks unless the player with the ball asks for 5 yards.  A whistle is then required before starting play.  A player will receive a two minute penalty if he/she encroaches (does not attempt to back up to 5 yards but instead blocks the ball).  A two-minute penalty may be given if the player is delaying the game (such as holding or keeping the ball from the other team). The home team has opening kick-off. Only a penalty kick has to be played forward, all other free kicks can be played in any direction.

LAW VI – Goalkeeper Restrictions

If a goalkeeper commits any of the following infractions inside his own penalty arch, the opponents shall be awarded a free kick at the top of the penalty arch:

  • If the goalkeeper has control of the ball with his hands, he may not release the ball into play and then handle it again until it has touched an opponent.
  • Goalkeepers may not bounce the ball.
  • If a teammate intentionally kicks the ball to the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper may not handle the ball.
  • Once a goalkeeper gains full control of the ball with his hands or feet inside the penalty arch, he must release the ball outside the penalty arch or to another player within five.

If the goalkeeper commits any of the following infractions, the opponents shall be awarded a free kick where the offense took place.

  • If the goalkeeper gains possession of the ball outside his penalty arch, he may not handle the ball inside of his penalty arch until it has been touched by an opponent or play had been stopped.
  • The goalkeeper may not punt the ball at any time.
  • 10 second rule- Goalkeeper must move ball within 10 seconds when possession of the ball in inside arch.

LAW VII – Fouls and Misconduct

A player, who intentionally trips, boards, jumps at, pushes, holds, or charges in the back of an opponent, or who intentionally handles the ball shall be penalized by a free kick,.  If any of these offenses are judged to be serious by the referee, regardless of their location, the offender shall be issued a blue card resulting in a two-minute penalty.  A player guilty of obstruction and dangerous play can also be issued a two-minute penalty.

Non playing personnel (coach, parent, spectator, etc.) guilty of unsporting conduct shall be ejected, but no time penalty shall be served by any player for a non-players misconduct.  A player guilty of violent conduct or receives a red card for any other reason shall be ejected for the remainder of the game (and must leave the SCSC premises) and must serve a minimum one additional game suspension.  He may be replaced by a substitute who must serve a five-minute penalty before entering the game.


Bench misconduct is physical or verbal abuse by bench personnel (including coaches and substitutes), when the referee cannot identify the perpetrators.  The first bench misconduct by a team shall result in a Bench Misconduct warning to the team.  Any subsequent Bench Misconduct shall result in a team time two minute penalty against the team.  The referee may still award a penalty against individuals he or a scorekeeper can identify. Only rostered players and coach will be allowed in bench area.


If one team is reduced by penalties to fewer players on the field than its opponents and the team having more players’ scores a goal, then a player other than the player serving the penalty time can return to the game. Only one player may return for each goal scored. For the Premier leagues the two minutes penalty has to be served completely.


If a player has received a red card and has not served a one game suspension immediately following the red carded game; his/her team will forfeit all games until the suspension is served.  The same penalty will apply to players playing out of required age limit.  Any player who plays illegally (playing without being on the roster or is too young for league), will be issued an automatic red card and the team will forfeit that game, with a score record of 5 to 0.


  • Only players wearing approved wrist bands and must be listed on roster are allowed in player area.
  • All games concluding with a tie score after regulation time will be considered a tied game.
  • Three points will be awarded for a win, one point for a tie, and zero for a loss.  The tie breaker procedure will be 1) head to head 2) goals against 3) goal differential.
  • Any team that forfeits a game will lose the game by a 5 to 0 score.
  • The goalkeeper is the ONLY player allowed to slide at any time, however only within his arch.  A slide is defined as follows:  A player must leave his/her feet or touch a knee to the ground.  The Slide will be considered a foul if the opponent is also challenging for the ball.
  • Diving headers and scissors kicks are allowed if it is not considered dangerous by the referee. Offending players receive a two-minute penalty.
  • Spectators, coaches and players are eligible to receive a red card.
  • Any person receiving a red card must leave the SCSC property, and may not participate at the teams next scheduled game and may not be in the box as a minimum penalty.
  • Foul and abusive language will result in a blue card for the first offense in any game and a red card if it occurs a second time in the same game!
  • Any player caught cursing, even those not directed at a player or official will receive a blue card for first offense.
  • Entering the field is only allowed prior to game start, on dead ball or when called in by referee.
  • Youth Leagues U14 and under only – In accordance with the US Indoor Rules and Regulations, heading the ball is not allowed for our U14 and under leagues.

All players issued a red card will serve a minimum one game suspension and may be terminated permanently for all remaining games if the management deems it necessary (depending on the severity of the incident).  Fighting will not be tolerated at SCSC, and will result in a red card and /or forfeit and/or league suspension for any player(s) involved, including the entire team if necessary.  Suspension is for the league for which the red cards are received.  Refusal to leave the field after receiving a red card, or for continuing un-sportsmanlike conduct, may result in suspension indefinitely.

One physical strike hit or miss may result in possible life time expulsion, subject to management discretion.  (All suspensions may continue into the next season)

  • First red card – minimum one game suspension.
  • Second red card (within a season) – Out for the rest of the season
  • Third red card (within a calendar year) – minimum one year suspension.
  • Threatening referee – minimum one-year suspension (probable indefinite ban).
  • Spitting at the referee or physically touching the referee – lifetime suspension.

Any intentional action to cause serious injury (head butt, punch, etc.) will result in a minimum one-year suspension and possible indefinite ban. Any player who leaves the bench in a fight will receive a red card and a minimum one game suspension.  Any player suspended for fighting will not be allowed to participate in any of the leagues at SCSC throughout the entire term of the suspension.  ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE TO ALL SUSPENDED PLAYERS.

Additional Soccer Center Rules

No outside food, drinks or alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought in to the SCSC premises.  Alcohol served on premise is for consumption only after you have completed play.  Anyone suspected of consuming alcohol prior to a game will not be allowed on the playing field or bench area (i.e. referee smells alcohol on breath, etc.).

You may add players only up to the beginning of the team’s 4th game.  You are expected to have your roster updated and finalized by week 4.  Players cannot switch teams once they have played for one team; they must continue with that team the remainder of the season.  A player cannot play for more than 1 team in each league, SCSC staff may request changes to players rosters in order to help keep leagues balanced.

All players must have a signed waiver and a current SCSC membership prior to playing their first game.  Any player under 18 must have his/her parents sign a waiver form.

Youth, Women’s, and Men’s league rosters allow 14 players maximum on roster at all times. Co-Ed rosters allow 15 players. Teams with more than the allowed maximum on roster will be required to trim the roster by kickoff of their game or the result of the game will be a forfeit.

SCSC may refuse at its own discretion to register individuals and/or teams.

The clock will start exactly at your determined game time. If both teams are not ready to play, the clock will start.  The game will begin after the clock has started and both teams have 4 rostered players at the facility, ready to play or not.  Once the game has started late players may enter only by calling time out, or during a break in the game.

If you quit after the first game or any time before paying your registration fee, you will not be allowed to play at SCSC again until you pay your balance and the remaining balance is still due. If your team has abandoned a season, the balance from that season will carry over to any and all future seasons your team participates in.

Division placement is at the discretion of SCSC management. Placement is determined by the number of teams registered in the league as well as consideration of past standings.


All complaints, compliments and other comments should be directed to the management of SCSC.  We will try to resolve every problem that is brought to our attention in a professional manner, however; we request that you bring any problem to our attention in written form and directed to the front office.

SCSC will not close on holidays except Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July. Hours of operation may vary on Super Bowl Sunday and on Halloween. Teams will be expected to play or forfeit on all other holidays.  There will be no make-ups for teams unable to play on non-holidays or other occasions.

Any team may play less than the scheduled number of games if one or more opponents forfeit or drop out of the league.  SCSC will not refund any fees for games not played due to opponent forfeits.


I (parent or guardian if applicable) hereby give my consent and agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the Santa Clarita Soccer , the Fun Zone Party Area, Lil’ Kickers, Skills Institute, and Lil’ Sluggers and all personnel including officials, staff officers, agents and owners from any claim arising from personal injury or property damage to the named individual. I understand that the Santa Clarita Soccer Center does not carry insurance to cover participants in the activity of which I am registered. I understand the hardness of the playing surfaces and dasher-boards are different and unique playing characteristics of artificial turf when wet or dry, and the roughness of the sport. I grant Santa Clarita Soccer Center the right to photograph or video the players in participation in soccer activities, and to use the photographs or video in future brochures and, or commercials. Santa Clarita Soccer Center has a strict no refund policy, and will not refund a player for any reason.


In the event of any dispute arising between the undersigned agrees to abide with the SCSC rules, polices, and officials. SCSC reserves the right to impose restrictions and or penalties as a result of noncompliance with SCSC rules and policies. Copies of the rules and policies are available at the request of the undersigned in the office of SCSC (25385 Rye Canyon Road, Valencia, CA).


I (parent or guardian of the participant, if a minor), do hereby authorize the coaches, assistants, staff or parents of team members to act in capacity of activity supervisors as agents for the undersigned to consent to medical, surgical, or dental examination treatment, etc… in case of emergency. I hereby authorize treatment and, or care of registered player in any hospital and medical physician.